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2016 Asia Young Leaders for Democracy (AYLD)


Person in Charge, Agus Mulyono, accepted for the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy’s 2016 Asia Young Leaders for Democracy (AYLD) Program. After a rigorous selection process involving applicants from 23 countries, Agus will join other distinguished young leaders in Taipei for the program between August 7 and August 20, 2016. The program features lectures by eminent scholars and practitioners in the fields of human rights and democracy.

2016 Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge


Kuncoro Sejati, Team Leader for Technology and Operational Management,  joined a management program from Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation called 2016 Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge, which features a multi-campus network of four countries: Japan, the U.S.(Hawaii), Singapore, and Thailand.

The program cultivates innovative leaders with practical wisdom through learning management theories, liberal arts, and methodology & practice.

Participation in the Istanbul Seminars 2015


Fauziah Eddyono, Team Leader for Economic and Development, will participate in the Istanbul Seminars 2015 with grant from the Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations. The 8th edition of the Istanbul Seminars will be held on May 26-30, 2014 at Istanbul Bilgi University. Topic: “Politics Beyond Borders. The Republican Ideal Challenged by the Internationalization of Economy, Law and Communication.” The conference takes place at Istanbul Bilgi University and attracts a considerable audience of scholars and students from all over the world.