Nor Hidayah, Law Researcher, accepted for the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy’s 2017 Asia Young Leaders for Democracy (AYLD) Program. After a rigorous selection process involving applicants from Asian countries, Nor Hidayah joined other distinguished young leaders in Taipei for the program between July 31 and August 8, 2017.

As a member of the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy’s (TFD) 4th Asia Young Leaders for Democracy (AYLD), Nor Hidayah, adopted a joint declaration vowing to promote democracy and combat the democratic recession, as all participants marked the conclusion of the nine-day workshop in Taipei.

The declaration issued by the 2017 AYLD’s 20 members, which come from 13 Asian countries and elsewhere, seeks to ensure democracy and fundamental rights in Asia through seven areas. They include combating alternative models of democracy; fighting against disinformation; rejecting extremism; refusing discrimination against migrants, minority groups and the LGBTQIA community; supporting political participation of unrepresented groups; ensuring free and fair elections; and combating uneven development.