About Cedes


Center for Democratization Studies (Cedes) is a research community founded in April 2011 by a number of academics and democracy activists that aims to raise awareness the importance of learning democracy and doing various studies related to democratic practices in Indonesia.

The Person in Charge:

Agus Mulyono (agusmulyono@cedes.or.id)

Research Coordinator:

Luthfi Widagdo Eddyono (luthfi@cedes.or.id)

Team Leader:

Nor Hidayah (Law and Regulation)

Arvie Dwi Purnomo (Education and Human Resources)

Tri Sulistianing Astuti (Social Work and Education)

Kuncoro Sejati (Technology and Operational Management)

Fauziah Eddyono (Good Governance and Sustainable Development)


Research Assistant:

Berto Usman

Didid Haryadi



Connect with us:

Jalan Merdeka AM 22, Depok, Jawa Barat

WA: +62 878 2365 1022

Email: demokrasi@cedes.or.id



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